A health coach should be a part of your high-performance team.

We all may know what to do to be healthy, but "how" gets lost in the mix. I'm here to bring the "how" back into the equation - and make it work for your life.

This is different than anything you've tried before. I'm not here to preach a fad diet or force a lengthy exercise regimen that may not be right for you. As your integrative health coach, I serve to dive deep into what's most important to you about your health, then help you craft your own solutions to achieve your goals. The model I use is designed by the Duke University School of Integrative Medicine and is backed by scientific theories of behavior change, as well as principles used in Eastern medicine.

I work with clients who are focused on fulfilling their potential in life. This high-performance mindset, both professionally and personally, sets a solid foundation for a true investment in working towards their vision of health. They understand when their health is optimal, their performance at work and at home flourishes.

My services include private and group coaching and corporate wellness programming. I also partner with a variety of integrative health clinics to help patients adhere to health behaviors and improve outcomes.


Private & Group Coaching

Integrative health coaching in one-on-one and group settings offered in-person or through remote video conferencing.

Corporate Wellness

Onsite coaching for employees (individuals or groups) offered as single exploratory sessions or 3-6 month contracts.

Clinic Referral Partnership

Partner with me as your referring health coach to provide patients with extra support around behaviors related to their health needs.

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